Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is Your Business Vulnerable to Cybercrime?

It only happens to the big companies, right? While that may have been the conventional thinking in the past, cybercrime is finding large businesses, government institutions, and even individuals as its victims and as the Internet becomes increasingly integrated in to our daily lives, cybercrime continues to become more widespread.

Business is often about timing. Each day you have deadlines and if they aren’t met, you lose money. If you can’t get to your data for any reason, your day and the future of your business may be at risk. With data being so important to businesses of all sizes, it would be reasonable to believe that much like liability insurance, businesses are protected but that’s far from a true.

A recent survey concluded that 52% of all business don’t have an IT security policy. Their data simply isn’t held under cyber lock and key like it should be and their employees are free to practice internet usage while at work in any way that they see fit.

If your business is in the 52% crowd, something has to change and it has to change today. What can you do to decrease your risk of cyber attack?

Back Up Your Data

Just like in our real lives, not being a victim of theft often starts with common sense. Your data is too important to only be in one place and you should never trust somebody else to back it up. Copy your data and place it some place secure. If you can fit it all on to a portable hard drive or some other piece of hardware that isn’t connected to the internet, do that once per week. If you can’t, find an online backup service that will automatically do this for you

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