Saturday, December 5, 2009

Government off pace in cyber-crime fight

An expert is warning that Australia's security agencies are struggling to keep up with cyber-crime advances

The founding director of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre says the pace with which cyber-criminals adapt their techniques to changing technologies has made the Federal Government's cyber security strategy out of date within a month of its release.

Alastair MacGibbon wants the Government to set up a shopfront service where individuals and businesses can report fraud, data loss, inappropriate content or IT security incidents.

In the world of cyber-crime, police often seem to be playing catch-up with the criminals. By the time they latch onto a scam, the perpetrators have already moved on to something else. And it's the same for the regulators.

"We've taken this technology to a point that we never thought possible and yet our systems for coping with the misuse of it, whether it's indeed foreign governments or criminals, just hasn't kept pace," Mr MacGibbon said.

Mr MacGibbon was also once an agent with the Australian Federal Police and now he advises businesses on online security. ABC Australia

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