Sunday, December 13, 2009

PCI-Compliant Stores a Minority

Companies cite encryption, security-event logging, and data in transit issues as the most challenging compliance elements.

A new survey revealed that less than 50 percent of businesses that process 20,000 or more credit or debit card purchase transactions a year are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, American Banker reports.

Computerworld Inc., a Massachusetts provider of technology information, surveyed 123 businesses on behalf of nuBridges Inc., a company that provides data security products, and 57% of respondents reporting that they had a PCI initiative in place, yet only 37 percent of those were PCI compliant. Twenty-eight percent of respondents said that they were planning a PCI strategy while a remarkable 15 percent indicated that they had no plans to address PCI compliance.

Respondents said that the most difficult compliance component is encryption (cited by 41 percent of respondents), followed by security-event logging (40%) and data in transit (38%).  NACS

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