Saturday, December 26, 2009

Woman faces ID theft charges on Christmas EveIn Court: Police say they found 25 stolen licenses, in her purse; she was trying to open bank account

A 25-year-old Olympia woman appeared in court on Christmas Eve after she was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of 25 counts of identity theft and one count each of forgery, marijuana possession and possession of methamphetamine.

Amy Denae Moore was arrested at the Tumwater branch of the TwinStar Credit Union after she tried to open an account using fraudulent identification, court papers state.

Tumwater police arrived and arrested Moore. A police officer called a woman whose driver’s license and Social Security card were being used by Moore to open the account, and the woman told the officer that “she had been the victim of a theft in which her personal identification was stolen, and she had recently been the victim of a fraud in Lacey,” court papers state. The Olympian

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