Saturday, December 19, 2009

Researcher Cures Poisoned BlackBerry With Kisses

A security researcher in Asia has braved Internet worms and poisoned applets to rid BlackBerry smartphones of spyware with Kisses, a free software application.

 Kisses detects spyware and hidden programs on BlackBerry devices to show users exactly what's going on inside their mobile phone. Why use it? Because spyware can be purchased by anyone from vendors such as FlexiSPY and Retina-X Studios
For US$50, just about anyone can travel with you and your mobile phone and listen to your conversations, read your texts and even track your location via GPS (global positioning system). The tricky part is installation. Someone, your boss, spouse, business rival or thief, needs physical contact with your handset to plant spyware from these vendors, one reason password protection is so important. It hurts that spyware vendors offer tricks-of-the-trade advice, including the simple act of giving you a new smartphone, with their spyware inside, as a gift. Makes you wonder if Santa was generous with the new iPhone this year or just really wants to know if you've been naughty or nice.

This is where Sheran Gunasekera comes to the rescue with Kisses. The software detects and removes FlexiSPY and Mobile Spy software on BlackBerry devices. It may not necessarily be able to remove all available spyware (there's a lot) but it will at least show you any hidden applications so you can seek help.

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